SCV converter mp4 converter free

SCV converter mp4 converter free

ScanVec CASmate software, saved in a vector image format that can be scaled to large sizes without losing any quality.

Some found on Car MP4 Player. Convert video(Support avi, wmv, wma, asf, mpg, rm, rmvb, mov, 3gp, mp4, mkv format, no resolution limited.) into .scv format in order to played into car mp4 player.

SCV converter (automatically) instruction

1.    Connect USB, there will be two icons on the lower right corner of the desktop, the first one is icon of the SCV converter, the second one is flash icon.

The SCV function can be available once the icon is activation (Must show the icon   on the lower right corner).

If the icon is not activation (the icon is not shown), please click “my computer”, then open the the drive of “SCV converter tool” , and then click  , the icon, then it  will be shown on the lower right corner of the desktop.

The SCV converter tool is activation now.

2.    Copy the film(videos) file to the flash, it will progress into converting.

After copying, you will see the movie in the flash disk as SCV format. Then you can play the movie in the product (plug-in into car cigarette lighter).

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