Update from the Nominating Committee

In keeping with our commitment to transparency with regard to the Nominating Committee process, as we prepare to head to Singapore for our selection meeting we want to update the ICANN community as to where we are. We closed the application process on 4 April 2011 and received 88 Statements of Interest. 14 candidates from Europe, 24 from Asia/Pacific, 15 from Latin America, 16 from North America, and 19 from Africa. 23 candidates are female, 65 are male. This is a record number of female candidates, and shows that our focus on female candidate recruitment this year was successful. Candidates have expressed primary interest in serving as follows: 41 on the ICANN Board, 13 on the GNSO Council, 11 on the ccNSO Council, and 23 on the ALAC. Many candidates have asked to be considered for more than one position. Since the deadline the NomCom has undertaken the following activities: Reference checking Candidate "deep diving" (finding more information about the person) Candidate preliminary interviews Preliminary evaluation of candidates We have been holding regular teleconferences, with the frequency increasing as we get closer to our final deadline for candidate selection. So far, we’ve thoroughly examined the candidates for the Board positions, and are well into our analysis of the candidates for the ALAC, GNSO and ccNSO. After the final selection by the NomCom in late June 2011, the selected candidates will be subject to a due diligence process that will be undertaken by an external firm. The process is documented in the timeline below: We remain committed to the utmost confidentiality with regard to the candidates who have submitted themselves for service to ICANN, and according to the ATRT recommendations, we are striving for the utmost transparency with regard to process. It is a difficult balancing act, but we are doing the best that we can. Read more [...]
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Transparency and Accountability Achievements You May Not Have Noticed

The Board Meeting Minutes and Resolutions page is a great place to see some of initial work ICANN has already done to meet the recommendations of the Accountability and Transparency Review Team (ATRT). These include: Starting with the Brussels Board meeting in June 2010, ICANN has been providing translations into the six UN Languages of the Approved Resolutions reached at ICANN Public Meetings. Starting with 25 January 2011 Board meeting, ICANN is now providing translations of Approved Resolutions for all Board meetings. The translations of the 18 March 2011 Approved Resolutions were posted within the 21-day timeframe recommended by the ATRT, and ICANN has adopted this timing recommendation as a new standard. In addition to the Approved Resolutions, ICANN is now providing translations of the Minutes of Board meetings within 21-days of Board approval: The translations of the Minutes of the 25 January 2011 Board meeting were posted in early April. Rationales & Briefing Materials You may have noticed that the Approved Resolutions and Minutes documents are longer than they used to be. Since the 25 January 2011 Board meeting, ICANN has been posting rationales for nearly all Board actions. While the rationales only become final once the Board approves them as part of the Minutes, the draft rationales are posted along with the Approved Resolutions, and are included in all translation work. In June 2010, ICANN began posting Board Briefing Materials along with the Minutes of each Board meeting. Through the ATRT recommendations and community input, ICANN heard that the community needed clarification on the timing of these Board Briefing Materials postings, as well as more transparency into the redaction process. This March, ICANN posted Guidelines for the Posting of Board Briefing Materials to better explain this process. As explained in the Guidelines, ICANN is now providing a description of the basis of each redaction, instead of the prior text that simply stated “REDACTED.” This initial activity – making the work of the Board more accessible to the ICANN community – is an important step in increasing ICANN’s accountability and transparency. ICANN’s commitment to fulfilling its Affirmation of Commitments obligations and advancing its transparency and accountability is demonstrated in a multitude of ways throughout ICANN. To learn more, see our “ Accountability & Transparency ” webpage. Read more [...]
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Keyword research Guide For Blog Marketing

Keyword research Guide For Blog Marketing Writes additionally regarded as net logs are the most recent thing on the web. With there being such a large number of websites over there in cyber universe, how do you make yours known and get folks to peruse it. How do you have the most frequently perused website on the business that you are pushing? On the grounds that there are such a large number of individuals that are attempting to all perform the same thing, how is it true that you are determined Read more [...]
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Making Developing With Autoresponders

In case you’ve just started your onlinebusiness or decided to get into affiliate internet marketing, you’ll be looking to make money. Making money on the net with your new commerce can be a little tricky, unless you have an autoresponder. An autoresponder is the best way to carry out your day to day firm – saving yourself somewhat of time and money. In case you don’t have a lot of money to invest, there are places on line where you can get an autoresponder for free. Remember that if you Read more [...]
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3 Totally free WordPress Online business Plug … – Blogging For Money

One from the new methods this blogging program has utilized can be as the internet commerce site. There are lots of internet commerce plug-ins that provide webmasters the chance to promote a few along with solutions effortlessly using their blog . ... Are PayPal * This particular plug-in is much more of a paid content kind of plug-in. Users of this plug-in would likely use it to handle the payments of paid content on his or her blog . This particular plug-in ... Read more [...]
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PayPal denies hacked by LulzSec | E-TechNews

E-technews – PayPal has hit back at hackers claiming to have released the online payment gateway's account information to the public. As is known, the hacker group Lulz Security or abbreviated LulzSec last week stating that they had leaked ... We want to assure you that the PayPal site in no way compromised or hijacked,” wrote the PayPal blog , which quoted from FS Tech on Monday (6/20/2011). “A group of hackers is claiming they have compromised another, ... Read more [...]
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