Thousands of sites in Breach of a New Internet Law EU Cookie Law


Have you heard about the new

EU Cookie Law


If not it’s time to get interested. The EU Cookie Law came into effect in May 2012 and applies to all websites that can be viewed within the European Union. As part of our continued efforts to provide you with an excellent service we want to inform you about the new law and how you can make sure that you as a website owner are not at risk of prosecution and/or a $776,000 fine.

To cut a long story short if you run a website that uses cookies, no matter how harmless, you need to inform your website viewers about the cookies your website uses and why your website collects them.

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Almost every big website now has these notices in place but many small to medium sized websites are falling behind and it is these that are most at risk.

So what can you do to avoid legal trouble?

We at have partnered with EU Cookie Cop – a company that has developed some simple to use software that helps you to quickly install the cookie notice on your website or blog. The software is available for WordPress, HTML and even PHP websites enabling all website owners to quickly and easily make their website be within the law.

For more information about the EU Cookie Law and to be one of the first to try the EU Cookie Cop software visit the link here => EARLY INFO LIST FOR EU COOKIE COP

Delaying is not an option if you want your website, blog or online business to be in compliance with the law.

EU Cookie Law
European Cookie Law

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